Susan Sarandon Doesn’t Know LA At All

Susan Sarandon Doesn’t Know LA At All

Susan Sarandon was recently spotted departing for a flight at LAX Airport in Los Angeles, California. While she was confused on who we were when she met us– and wasn’t the friendliest celeb we’ve interacted with-she earned some brownie points back from us in this video clip.

This is much ado to her being a bit friendlier to the reporter who she spoke to, as well as seeing her stop and take time to sign autographs for fans. We always appreciate seeing celebs do that, as it shows they care about their fans.

Interestingly, in the clip, another thing came up that Sarandon didn’t know- namely, where the best vintage shop in LA is.

When asked, she replied, “I don’t know LA at all, I’m a New Yorker.”

While Sarandon is a New Yorker, something tells us that as a celeb, she’s had to have spent her fair share of time in LA over the years, so for her to say she doesn’t know LA at all seems a bit confusing.

Needless to say, Sarandon continues to be one of the more interesting celebs to interact with, and we speak from personal experience.

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