Sweden Can Only Blame Itself


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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Muslims are having a “muslim spring break” in Stockholm and have been burning cars for 6 nights now in Stockholm in Sweden. They have also burned culture center, they have torched couple police stations and tried burning a few schools all the while throwing rocks at the police, at the firemen and at the ambulances. In addition to throwing rocks (around 20 police in the hospital because getting rocks thrown into their heads and counting) the muslims are also trying to make the police blind by pointing high power laser’s into the police’s eyes. Sweden has the easiest immigration policy in the world and Swedish people are Uber politically correct so they have been praising the greatness of multiculturalism and luring hundreds of thousands of immigrants from muslim countries to come live in Sweden on Swedish welfare so the Swedes have been able to feel themselves as good and tolerant people who help the needy people of the world. Swedes have created nightmare ghettoes with insane immigration policy and insane welfare policy and insane political correctness which means they can’t complain about the behaviour of the muslims who don’t bother to finish school and concentrate on being “wannabe gangstas” because complaining about immigrants behaviour would be something only “racists” do because the Swedish way is to lie how great everything is and smile. Now the Swedes are surprised like naive retards that Sweden is turning into the same kind of sh*thole that many muslim countries are due to the insane behaviour of many muslims who just concentrate on raising hell and terrorizing muslims who try to behave correctly and terrorizing non-muslim “infidels”. Sweden can only blame themselves.

Great… now all the hot Blondes are going to migrate to Canada.- nik

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