THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I see Isabelle Strömberg got posted on here and it’s obvious she was the one posting herself. She looks NOTHING like that in real life. I live in the same city as her and I always get amazed everytime I look at the online photos of her and then see her irl. B*tch fools all her blogreaders into thinking she’s some queen, but she’s really the queen of PHOTOSHOP. The following photos are ”fanpictures” other people took with her, so she haven’t been able to edit them. And there’s two photos from a video. She also always takes photos from the same angle, b*tch what else are you hiding? Either way. She’s only 18 years old and have already done her nose, lips, breasts AND tattood eyebrows. She also talks sh*t behind peoples’ back and think she’s better than most because she got a pretty big blog. Put her on blast, Nik. DA strong.

What a Swedish scam… I knew her last name and aka last name were to good to be true.- nik

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