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THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, i have been a fan of your site for sometime. But now i have to take action and start using this site because i have witnessed some of the most disturbing things ever. This guy (Rapture) or (braquetz Rapture) as he is on facebook claims to all the little 16 year olds he can find and slink his way into thier circles and tells them he is a dj and talks himself up so much but he not only is nothing close to a dj he is also a creepy stalkere to all these young under age girls. i have seen him walking around various venues holding hands with under age girls. sick thing is that he is of age and is just to big of a geek to actually have any luck with females of age or close to his age of legality. i have also sat and listened to him talk himself up as a dj/producer and well……..the quality is complete crap. he steals legit productions and puts them out as his own. his mixes are premade and he never does the real thing like beat matching or anything of skill it takes to be a real dj. so here i am putting this kid on blast because he deff deserves a spot on the dirty due to his douchey attitude twords real djs and his mouth running skills about how he is the greatest dj alive.

You’d think he’d have bigger arms with all those beads.- nik

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