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THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl her name is Amelia, she use to live in Anchorage Alaska, and she basically got married with her first husband at 21. Well when he deployed she went to the barracks with her “friend” and had a 15 plus guy run a train on her nasty ass. He came back from deployment and he wanted nothing to do with her after he found out and filed for divorce. Well a year went by and she got “pregnant” with guy number 2 forcing him to basically marry her (he was military) as well and while he was at work she would smoke spice, drink, go out on the weekends and drink some more all while she was pregnant, she would set up fake appointments while he was working and couldn’t go. she would fuck ppl behind his back while he was out and busting his ass working, she even ended up with chlamydia multiple times. Well his deployment came up, and as soon as he deployed she “miscarried” this baby at 8 months! She moved out of state still married to this poor soul and is now living in FORT HOOD TEXAS area I would watch out she will sleep with married, non-married, she searches for rank, and money. She is a tag chasing SLORE, and she only has a few fingers, they called her the 3 finger death punch in the barracks.

Sloots can’t resist making the greg face.- nik

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