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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, please tell me why everyone is calling me CRAZY?  Everyone is commenting saying I’m a psycho and this is not going to work.  Well it is, Matt is being a lot nicer and actually talking about to go look at rings if I can take the posts down. I say not yet Nik. Here is the thing you guys don’t understand, I met Matt Rubano, he told me I was the one and I left my fiance for him because he promised me after he gets off the road we will settle down and have kids.  Well its been forever and nothing, and my ex is already married, and I feel like an idiot because Matt hasnt put a ring on it, and my ex will not take me back.  Matt was really nice to me yesterday so I will take it easy today.  And guys, I’m not crazy, just simply a girl waiting for what she was promised.  You would do the same if you changed your whole life around for a man and then he plays games with you and has pictures of him and his ex having sex.  Until tomorrow Nik.

I can’t wait until tomorrow.- nik


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