Tanisha Needs To Stop Claiming She Is 33, We All Know She Is 40


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40 year old claiming to be 33.....still

40 year old claiming to be 33.....still

40 year old claiming to be 33.....still

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Tanisha Merchant although she will LIE and tell you her last name is French and her first name is Ty. This chick thinks she is the hottest thing and swears she’s a model…STILL..Tanisha has spent the last damn near 20 years of her life trying to model. In reality she is just a dumb broad taking nude photos and eventually *ucking the pervs. She also hasn’t figured out why no man wants her! Yes they will *uck you TYneshia but no man especially a WHITE man will EVER MARRY YOU! She will *uck you so good Nik if you just SMILE at the *itch. Her fake a** hair stinks so bad omg she sprays perfume on her weave! She’s always dating these poor dumb White boys and screwing them instantly and wondering why she is hitting 40, single, no man no kids, still driving a bucket I could keep going. Her face is TOTALED it’s like she doesn’t see the acne when she looks in the mirror or something because she continues to take photos of herself and post them on facebook for her loser friends to comment on. She surrounds herself with HIDEOUS f*cking *ucks to make hersefl feel better and look the best. She pretends to like a dude just so the poor smuck can move in RIGHT AWAY and help her pay her bills. She will even pretend to really like a female to convince her to move in so she can get help paying her bills. Please put this broke rat on blast. I LOVE THIS SITE!!! Keep up the good work of blasting these trolls and douche-bags. xoxo New Fan.

She looks mid 40’s to me.- nik

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