Taylor Noblett


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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This stupid, immature, deeped voice, pathetic excuse for a woman is Taylor, she hangs out with fatter uglier clowns to build some self-esteem. She piles make-up on her nasty face everyday to make herself look decent enough to be socially acceptable. She lives with her mommy of course in Sun Valley,I don’t care what part because everyone around here knows that any part of Sun Valley is still in the ghetto. She can’t keep a man because she’s too messed up in the head, it’s my guess that it’s “daddy issues,” that’s why she’s such a slore. She could have anything so beware. She is an alcoholic because it’s the only thing that keeps this trifflin’ creature interesting, she doesn’t have personality, she’s just drunk. Tay is mentally unstable and uses food as her other outlet, that’s why she’s always been a little plus sized. This little nasty has nothing going for her and probably never will, she has no standards in life and will do anyone for anything. Taytay guys only sleep with you because they’re getting desparate, you’re a second option not the only option and you always will be, and someday when you’re sober enough you’ll realize how pitiful you really are. Keep it in your pants, you and all your overweight friends, such a disgrace. Put some more clothes on and stop hiding behind walls, and taking pictures at angles, you’re not fooling anyone hunny, and you have fat boobs not big boobs..

That butt cheek hanging out is so disturbing.- nik

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