Teresa Giudice – Bravo TV’s Superstar Is Losing Public Interest

Teresa Giudice – Bravo TV’s Superstar Is Losing Public Interest

Since The Real Housewives of New Jersey began in 2009, Teresa Giudice has unarguably been its biggest star. This is evident from the constant tabloid attention she has received through the years and was more or less confirmed by Bravo when they paused production on the show until she was released from prison. However, according to a source close to production, public interest in Teresa may be waning.

“Teresa is definitely not as big as she once was,” an insider exclusively dished to The Dirty.

“When she was away in prison, there were constant stories about her in the tabloids and the public was obsessed with reading what was going on,” they continued. “However, her husband Joe has been away almost a year, and there’s rarely stories published regarding him.”

“Teresa has been known to sell stories to the press in the past,” our source added, “so this is a clear case of if she could, she would. It definitely comes down to the fact that people aren’t as interested in her as they once were.”

“What’s more,” our insider continued detailing, “is that some of the episodes definitely were rated lower in season 7 than season 6. If the public was as obsessed with Teresa’s story as they once were, that wouldn’t be the case.”

“Teresa’s legal issues definitely soured her brand and the public perception of her,” our source wrapped with telling us. “Sadly, Bravo’s plan to make her loved again didn’t completely work, and the spotlight on her is starting to fade.”


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