EXCLUSIVE: Teresa Giudice’s Former Co-Writer Heather Maclean – Doesn’t Think Teresa Wrote The Prison Memoir She Wanted To

EXCLUSIVE: Teresa Giudice’s Former Co-Writer Heather Maclean – Doesn’t Think Teresa Wrote The Prison Memoir She Wanted To

Recently, we exclusively talked with Heather Maclean, the former co-writer of Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice‘s best selling cookbooks. While Maclean detailed for us she had shockingly been cut off from Giudice after a close, six year relationship, she had more to add, including details about how she doesn’t feel Giudice wrote the prison memoir she actually wanted to.

While Maclean claims she was initially working on a book for Giudice about her “situation,” she told us that she “got an email from her new agent that she decided to ‘go in a different direction’ for her book and found another writer. I was fairly heartbroken, partly for all the work I had done and time I had taken away from my own family to do it, but mostly because of what could have been. I really wanted her book to lift other women up, not trade on tired tales of ‘lesbian sex’ and gossip about the women she was incarcerated with.”

“I was actually contacted by a bunch of the women she was in prison with who told me how horrified they were by her book: how untrue it was, how it upset their children, how it caused a lot of trouble for all of them at Danbury,” Maclean added, referring to Giudice’s prison memoir Turning The Tables. “I don’t think that was the book she wanted to write. I think it was the book she was told would sell the best.”

“I never heard from Teresa again,” Maclean sadly noted. “Even though I was on the phone with her as she pulled up to Danbury, when she got out, I heard nothing. I would text Gia from time to time to make sure she was okay, to see if she needed anything. I emailed with Joe (whom I adore!). But she ghosted me. Ghosted her ghostwriter, how hilarious is that?”

While they no longer are in communication, Maclean wrapped with positive sentiments, dishing that, “I sent Teresa my condolences about her sweet mama. I sincerely wish her all the best. People are in your life for a reason, and sometimes only for a season. I hope I had a positive impact on her when we were friends, and because of her, I’ve met so many amazing people, and for that I’m grateful. Her fans are amazing. I’ll always root for her and her family, and they’ll always have a place in my heart.”

Maclean’s new book, Toward A Secret Sky, which has a character inspired by Teresa’s oldest daughter, is available for purchase now.


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