EXCLUSIVE: Teresa Giudice’s Former Co-Writer Heather Maclean – Talks Being There For Teresa And Suddenly Having Their Relationship Severed

EXCLUSIVE: Teresa Giudice’s Former Co-Writer Heather Maclean – Talks Being There For Teresa And Suddenly Having Their Relationship Severed

Recently, we exclusively talked with Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice‘s former co-writer, Heather Maclean, who assisted with writing her cookbooks. While Maclean has a new book out now that has a character inspired by Teresa’s oldest daughter, Gia, Maclean also spoke to us about what went down between her and Teresa, and why the former close friends no longer speak. This is the first time she’s opened up about this candidly in an interview.

“I wrote Teresa’s first 4 books, as well as a bunch of other things for her during the 6 years we were friends,” Maclean told us. “We were really close. I considered her like a sister. Our kids were friends; our families vacationed together; we talked multiple times every single day.”

“I was there for her during her entire legal ordeal, and was one of the first people approved to visit her at ‘camp,'” Maclean continued, referring to Giudice’s time behind bars. “I was determined to help her turn a bad situation into one of hope and inspiration for others. Lots of women find themselves in financial trouble, and I thought she could help them by talking about her situation, how she got into it, and how you can get out of it. I really thought she could re-invent herself afterwards, like Suze Orman or Martha Stewart. When she was away, I sent her tons of books to keep her spirits up: inspirational books, travel books, Bible studies, trashy reads–anything and everything to help her get through.”

“I worked on a book about her situation for about 5 months, but during that time she got a new lawyer who took over most of her affairs,” she elaborated. “We still emailed daily, and so I could show her the book’s progress in person (and just cover her in hugs!), I bought a plane ticket to go and visit her over Mother’s Day weekend. The night before I was supposed to leave, I got an email from her telling me I couldn’t come. Then I got a bunch more that didn’t sound anything like her. She only had 1 non-family member visitor during this time, and she had a lot of misinformation, so I wanted to visit her in person to clear it up. The next thing I know, I got an email from the DOC that my communication with inmate #65703-050 had been terminated. I never heard from her again.”

Maclean did try to contact Giudice to find out what went on, noting that, “I had no idea what she was told or by whom, and what she could possibly have been told and believed that would lead her to sever our relationship—we never had a single cross word in 6 years!—so I sent her a letter explaining everything I knew from the outside, and told her I would always be here for her, but I never heard anything back.”

Want more details on what went on? Stay tuned to The Dirty for a follow up piece RHONJ fans will surely want to read.


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