Terry Richardson Is A Pedophile And A Pervert


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THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok Nik, first off I have been DA strong for a while so props on what you do. This is the first time I have posted and am not sure if you have had posts on this character yet. His name is Terry Richardson and he is an extremely famous photographer who has worked with essentially anyone of importance in Hollywood or otherwise. He has done shoots with our President Barak Obama, Beyonce, Kanye West, Mike the Situation, Will Farrell, Kate Upton (the GQ shoot), Rick Ross, Lindsay Lohan (who I heard sucked his greg for him to take her pictures though I can’t verify), and is Lady Gaga’s tour photographer just to name a few. TMZ posted an article of him about taking pictures of lady gaga praising him and calling him a “god” for getting Kate Upton to do the Cat Daddy (a dance which made her boobs shake.) It disgusted me because it is no secret that Terry Richardson is a pedophile, satanist (often incorporates it into his art), and overall vile human being. He offers to take pictures of underage models and once they’re there he entices them to have sex with him in exchange for his “artistic services.” Many models have came out and accused him of sexual misconduct but for some reason nothing ever really comes of it. It is obvious he has friends in high places, but I must ask why is Obama even allowing himself to be seen with this guy and why is he even accepted as a king in the photography industry? I have always known that the fashion/model industry was grimey but didn’t know the extent. He uses his status to have sex with everyone from women, underage girls, and even transexuals. It seems like he hides his sexual desires under the cloak of “art.” There is a tumblr account called “I miss the old terry” and it’s filled with nothing but disgusting pictures he has taken of him having sex with these models (don’t go there unless you’re over 18 trust me). There are also pictures of him having sex with Juliette Lewis. Anyway, please out this satan worshipping pedophile so people can at least be aware at who is taking the pictures that we see in our pop culture magazines. In my opinion this is the type of people the dirty was made for.

Never trust a man with a camera.- nik

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