Tess Taylor Hit Rock Bottom


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THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, I have an update on the Tess Taylor saga. First off, for all the people defending her saying she is not on drugs, you are very misinformed and naive. Alexis has come completely clean about her past (which during this time Tess was attached at her hip) and has said during the filming of their show, Tess and Alexis lived in a Best Western on Vine (not at home like they tried to portray) and had a $10,000 a week drug habit railing 20 80mg oxy’s a day. THAT IS NO JOKE. As for the update, Gabby outed Tess for living in Tent City in downtown LA a couple weeks ago and she was hanging out with the creepiest guys to get her next fix. Anyway, something FINALLY snapped and Tess is currently on her way with her biological mother to live with her in Wisconsin. She said herself on her instagram account that she has been taking subs (necessary to deal with withdraw) and is now currently 10 days clean! I really think this could finally be her chance to get healthy, leaving the Hollywood bullsh*t behind. CONGRATS TESS, YOU CAN DO THIS. The first step was admitting you needed help. You have so much life ahead of you and just know people are rooting for you!

Tess will be back in Hollywood within 6 months. I could put money on it.- nik

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