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Texarkana Hoes

Texarkana Hoes

Texarkana Hoes

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, first, let me just say I totally dig your site. A homegirl of mine told me about it, and I’ve been head over heals in love ever since. It’s great to have a place where you can put people on blast, and vent about those who’ve wronged you. Ok, this girl’s name is Hannah Lee Laper Cardenas. She is just one of the many fugly h*es slummin it in Texarkana. Hannah spent most of her childhood and teenage years running the streets, partying, chasing after every guy who would take the time to stop and pay her a little attention, and destroying happy relationships one after another all along the way for her own personal gain, and amusement. She got knocked up, aborted her child, then she got knocked up AGAIN and had her daughter at the age of 17. She was recently canned from her job at Le Sak’s, an adult novelty store in down town Texarkana, and now she’s working for minimum wage at a local cosmetics store. She’s been married since 2008 to a great guy, but that doesn’t stop her from screwing around with an ex-classmate. What’s worse is that she pretends to be all buddy-buddy with his little sister just so she can have an excuse to go see him without her husband getting suspicious. I’ve even seen videos from last Christmas where she and her co-workers from Le Sak’s were opening up their presents to one another, and her little boy toy’s sitting right there in the chair next to her. It’s just sad. Her husband really seems to love her. He works hard, and does everything he can to support his wife and daughter, and she doesn’t appreciate it one bit. Thinking she was hot stuff, six years ago, she tried her best to worm her way between me and my husband, but I quickly put a stop to it. I proved I was top bitch, and showed her she wasn’t nearly as tough and cocky as she thought she was. Basically, I just called her out on her sh*t, and she got scared. She then went crying to her mommy, her mommy went to the police, then I get slapped with a restraining order along with charges for harassment and terroristic threatening. She bought a gun, then proceeds to block me on Facebook along with every single solitary person on my Facebook friends list. Funny thing is, she knows I can’t see her page, and that’s the ONLY reason she continues to talk shit. And after almost TEN years! Can we say pathetic?! Good lord, get a LIFE already, douche bag! It’s much easier to pass yourself off as bad ass when you think you won’t ever have to back up any of the sh*t you say. Especially when you’re about as tough as a wet paper bag like this stupid, butt fugly bitch. Hannah Lee Laper Cardenas, everybody! Texarkana’s favorite little doorknob! (shout out to my homegirl, Ariel. LOVE YOU, CHICA!).

What did you do exactly? I’ll tell you if you went over board.- nik

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