Texas Law Approves Food Stamps For Starbucks Drinks


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Texas Law approves Food Stamps for Starbucks drinks

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I work for a licensed Starbucks store in a very affluent area in Frisco. I pay full price for any drink or food I want during, before, and after my shift. No free coffee. Turns out Texas (and California) Law just approved something or another that qualifies Starbucks’ Frappuccinos and all cold drinks as OK for buying with food stamps. This means that you can buy an $8 drink with food stamps instead of hamburger helper for your kids. Why does this country encourage broke a** idiots and let them just loaf around being lazy? Some people really do need the help of food stamps, and it allows them to get ahead and all that. I understand. But, I don’t understand why two girls in my line (carrying designer handbags, NOT knock offs) were talking about how they had to quit their new job because they no longer were eligible for food stamps and other government assisting. I don’t understand why this is allowed and no one is putting up any kind of fuss about this sh*t. I am extremely irritated about the fact that if I quit my job at Starbucks maybe I could qualify for free frappuccinos too. I didn’t know where else to go other than here to get the word out about this injustice. Nik, if you want more details, email me or whatnot and I can get you the bulletins & emails I’ve been sent about this, also one of my higher ups is starting a petition online and I will send you the link if you want to post it. contact me and let me know if you want the extra info.

I would love to post the petition. Food stamps is to help hungry/starving people and families, not to purchase Vanity coffees.- nik

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