Texas Tech Girls Like To Party


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Lubbock local or just a trashy whore?

Lubbock local or just a trashy whore?

Lubbock local or just a trashy whore?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, thought you would get a kick out of this one! This girl is the TRASHIEST girl i’ve EVER seen. She walked around spring break asking guys and girls to eat candy off of her see threw candy bra! WTF? She also took pictures acting like she was giving her friend’s boyfriend head.(1st pic) What a wh*re!!! I guess since her face is so damn ugly she has to get all of the attention she can get from her nasty body with fake boobs. I understand going a little crazy for spring break, but this girl is trashy 24/7 The worst part is every picture on here SHE added to facebook!

She needs to get all the practice she can for when the purple crayon rolls through her.- nik

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