THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Beware of this guy… Hector Sosa!!!! He makes babies all over the Denver area… I would say there are about 8 kids out there now and he is only 24!!! Disgusting… Barf.. If that isn’t bad enough he only picks and chooses which ones he wants to take care of, I believe he takes care of 2 out of 8. The rest he claims that the bm’s(as in 8 different baby momma’s) all cheated on him so that he doesn’t think the kids are his. He thinks he is the hottest shit in Denver and claims to be part of a bike crew called the “bandidos”, but they have never heard of this 5 foot nothing 120 pounder!!! Also he goes by the name Dopey, why you ask?? Because his ears are so damn big that he could fly away. You might know him by all his Lil Wayne tattoes: Lil waynes portrait, his signature, i am surprised he doesnt have the tear drops.. Yaa and he is a “business owner” he has oh wait had a store that sold all knock off shit, well that lasted a lovely month.. So ladies beware of this baby making, low life, lil wayne wannabe!!! Guys… feel free to laugh as he walks by,because now everyone knows the TRUTH!!!

Way too soon to be putting Wayne on your skin.- nik