THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy claims to be such a top promoter and celebrity in Miami. I got a friend request from this creep and I can’t believe the top clubs in Miami and celebrities let him host parties. Is he really a promoter? I don’t even think people let him walk him to any parties he post on Facebook, plus he always takes pictures with the same Cuban girls that think they are the hottest b*tches in town. This guy is straight up garbage from the hood in Hialeah, he hangs out and brings nothing but trash. Nik, look at his ghetto tie, would you trust a sneaky little guy like that? I don’t think so. As far as I know, he sleeps in peoples couches and has no place to live. He is always trying to take advantage of girls, it is so scary. Please Nik can you tell me why would you let a gangster looking guy like that post the top parties on Facebook? This guys are the ones that ruin every cool party please put him on blast so he won’t post any more cool parties. He is nothing but a creep bringing creeps.

I saw that same tie at Target for $9.99. I almost bought it for my cousin as a birthday gift.- nik