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THE DIRTY ARMY:Nik, this is Priscilla Bingham. She is a pill popping sloor.. This girl prances around basically naked and wonders why people talk so much shit about her. She calls it jealousy others call it stating facts. She is a mother but you would have no idea unless you knew her.. She can be found at the bar every night. She starves herself to keep her 10 year old figure. No ass, no tits NOTHING. Her legs are full of cottage cheese and craters. Just because you look like a skeleton doesn’t make you sexy. She has nothing to eat for her child in her home, only a fridge full of beer. She goes from man to man, (Possible daddy issues) She tries to call people out on facebook but she can’t even spell.. perhaps i should send her a dictionary in the mail? “Sibby” please for the love of god stop being a sloor and stop doing drugs… One day your child will look back and realize mommy was nothing but a WHORE. No one wants to see a picture of you pissing that’s fcking gross you’re a mother it’s time to grow the fuk up. Nik would you?

Man hands are one of the worst features a chick can have.- nik

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