THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so I’m a HUGE fan of TheDirty and usually follow most Dirty Celebs on Facebook or Twitter.  Scooby Snack without a doubt is my ultimate favorite, not only is she smoking hot but she actually seems like she is a real down to earth girl and you can tell she lives her life like she wants it.  I was in Vegas for a bday party and when we went to Wet Republic we had a cabana right near Scooby Snack and the crew was there including Freddy Fags.  Scooby Snack was really cool when I introduced my self… anyway Blonde Snooki was there and OH MY F*CKING GOD… how the hell does that girl hang around all her friends without losing any weight… I mean damn talk about not fitting in, I mean anyone can bleach their hair but omg… check out the first pic, she takes up the same amount of room as the 3 others. lol.  Nik, please explain this?

If Scooby Snack doesn’t cut Blonde Snooki from her crew I will do everything in my power to ban her from all Vegas pools.- nik