The Definition Of Damaged Goods

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl is pure trash. Sloren Whorden better known as Lauren Jordan and Lauren Jay on facebook. If she dresses like a wh*re and acts like a wh*re.  She’s so nasty she shot up dope using toilet water after she blew some guy within twenty minutes of meeting him. Shes had at least 3 abortions.  Her ovaries probably don’t function. Last I heard she was doing webcam porn for dope money. Look her up on google: “Jenny Silvermist Vod” you’ll notice she can fit 4 fingers in her loose goosey. Her parents must be proud. Her only ambitions in life are to be a trophy wife or a playboy model. She still lives with her mother and can’t hold down a job unless shes selling her body. Shes been with more men that you have bones in your body. She even went lesbian for a while. I’ll give her one thing she’s a good liar and if your dumb enough to believe her you deserve the diseases that your about to receive. This girl is the definition of damaged goods. She’s pretty violent too I’ve seen her try to fight so many people at parties and she used to assault her ex bf every time I was around them, bout time he got rid of her and moved on. Nik you need to warn the people of Raleigh of this sloot.

Lauren, if you want to be a pornstar stop half assing it… move to the Valley in LA. Sorry, but Raleigh porn will not help pay the bills.- nik

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