The Definition Of Nasty

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heather: the definition of NASTY

heather: the definition of NASTY

heather: the definition of NASTY

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is heather savage, and it’s funny cause she too is from the Tanning salon industry. Anyways this girl thinks she’s snooki from jersey shore! It’s so annoying even the way she talks and tries to imitate her is so sad. She smokes literally every ten minutes and her teeth aren’t even yellow anymore they are almost BROWN!!! And have gunk on them ewww!!! She also has a nasty smell and is such an attention wh*re but who wouldn’t being that ugly?? She is literally OBSESSED with some fat guy with the name BALDUS?? Hahah what kind of fucking name is that and to top it off as you can see in the pictures he is a fat piece of man. Anyways the sad thing is he broke up with her and she even has a GPS tracker on her phone for him. Heather its embarrassing that a man that UGLY leaves u and doesn’t want you. Clearly you should move out and live with cats for the rest of your life.

Big girl with a small mouth, what good is she…- nik

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