The Devils Little Angel

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The Devil's Little Angle

The Devil's Little Angle

The Devil's Little Angle

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl is literally the definition of Dirty. Her name is Ashley and she’s 18. All she does is walk around Portland with her friends smoking and drinking all day. Not to mention walks around half naked when she should at least cover up some certain areas. She hooks up with almost any guy because she’s too high to even know where she is half the time. It’s not like she tries to even hide it either, because she will post hundreds of photos of her making out with 5 different people, smoking 3 different things, and drinking bottles of alcohol. Not to mention she is an AVID Satan worshiper, which is just straight up creepy. This girl needs some help. She is PROUD to be this Krusty, Stoner, Do nothing with your life, Little girl. It’s just, gross. Her status once even said “I’m fadeddd . Lets go on a date.” and all I thought was who the hell would take that home to meet their mother.. Nik, what do you think?

Raves have really taken a toll on her body.  I’m not sure if she used to chew on rocks or that’s from the pacifiers.- nik

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