The Dirty Butts

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 Thing 1 an Thing 2  The Dirty Butts

 Thing 1 an Thing 2  The Dirty Butts

 Thing 1 an Thing 2  The Dirty Butts

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I will start with thing 1 she is a nasty as* dirty butt. Who really likes to get fu*kd I would say she is a mud duck. She has four kids an three baby daddies. All of her kids stay with her ex hubby. Where she will go to an fuc* for some money. She has a new man every single monday and she swears she loves him and that he has money an really they are just drunks who pisses the bed an has no money. This dity butt loves to do drugs an she is down too fuc* anybody. She likes to keep in the family and she will sleep with there homies. Thing 2 WOW i really dont know where to start cuz this bitc*. She has so many kids to one of her baby daddys name is tommy she done fuc* every single body in his crew this sl*t sucked some many dic*s its not even funny all the nut she has in her tummy can make 50 to 60 females a mommy. She takes after her mommy and turns tricks but really dont make no money she is a busted as* bitc* who is week as fuc* she cant even fight her way out of a wet paper bag. She went to jail an got out now she is back on it suck dic* and an fuc*ing. Jer puss* is so beat up I’m pretty sure her shi* is black an blue. They are what you would call Dirty Butts Thing 1 an 2 they will fu* k ur whole crew even females too!

It’s sad because you can totally tell how proud she is of those pictures, but she clearly doesn’t know how awful she looks.- nik 

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