The Dirty Mexican

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The dirty mexican

The dirty mexican

The dirty mexican

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Valerie the dirty mexican Lopez. Shes f*cked every guy in Wichita, she plays the poor card and lives off everybody else. A horrible mother cant take of her own. Her boyfriend is in the army, because they were living off the street so she made him join when he didn’t even want to. She says she can’t have a job cause she has seizures. Which is bullsh*t people have seizures and still works. She is a lazy disgusting b*tch period. She’s very two faced as well. She thinks shes the sh*t when all in reality everyone hates her.

You should join the army if your living on the streets, give yourself a fighting chance…but I understand, she sent him off to sit on her ass.  Don’t worry she’ll be kicked back to the streets.- nik

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