The Dirty Sloot

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The Dirty Whore

The Dirty Whore

The Dirty Whore

THE DIRTY ARMY: Where do I begin to tell about this nasty skank Ashley Caplinger Sites. She is such a whore. She is such a lying, evil, mean, and trashy person. So dirty. First, let’s talk about her selling herself for her pill habit. She is a pain pill junkie whore that sucks and f*cks for extra money after her shows. Don’t just take it from me, one of her “best friends”, went around saying that exact same thing when they got into a fight. That’s where I first heard it. She owns a “lingerie company”, and dances for her “work” She dates anyone who has money the day her rent is due. She really will do ANYTHING for a dollar. She’s known for breaking up relationships. She will lie about anything as long as it benefits her. No matter who she hurts or what she destroys in the process. She has no concern for others feelings. She is wicked… What she needs to do is go home and take care of her two babies, and stop being a whore. She is pathetic. A sad excuse for a mother. No wonder nobody wants to marry her dumb ass again. She also has drd’s. JUST BEWARE FELLAS!! A heads up!!

She has a never ending forehead.  I love her attempts to powder it out.- nik

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