The Drunken Mom

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The Drunken MOM

The Drunken MOM

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Denise Hardy. Not only does she get drunk with all her kids around and does drug in front of them. She slept with there dads Bio Father with the kids there. Let alone her own dads friend about a month after her dad passed away. She also had slept with her brother in law and while her sister was watching the kids. She left the her kids with her drunk *ss boyfriend who almost got in a wreak and []d her kids and didn’t care when they got home that they had browses on them and on top of that her kids would save up some money and they got up to fifty dollars and took it from them to but beer and drugs. And when her x husband came to get them she give a good bye slapped to her daughter for letting him say bye and spent her food stamps on her beer illegal instead of her kids food and because of that they lost there home and she took her kids to some guys house and told them to wait out side until shes done having sex for money. And let her sister try to sell drugs off her younger daughter that was 14 so she could make money for weed. And had her 14 year old daughter try to have sex with her boyfriend so she would have experience. But her daughter was not doing that so she had to take her sister and her to her dads all the way in North Dakota and then moved back to there home state.

I don’t believe this story since you can’t spell bruises (not even close).- nik

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