THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, These guys are the farrell bros acually a pretty good local phychobilly band. The douche 2nd from the left is not a member he is Greg kostefko he lurks around there shows and is basically a bottom feeder he is ALWAYS trying to mac on little girls who are just a little too faded to know whats really going on he is a straight up looser/cheater and is not above slippng a little something in their drinks to make his goal easier he possibily gave my good friend a DRD! all she remembers is bits and pieces of a foggy night when he gave her some drinks at a show she knows he took advantage of her in that messed up state! and it’s not the first time he’s done that to girls but i hope it is his last! Nick please exspose this scumbag for what he is i feel so bad for his girl Sylvia i don’t know if she has a clue or not but it’s time someone fills in the blanks if anything just to protect others from this mickey slipping whack job!Greg get a life you have a great girl at home if you keep up with your ways she will be gone forever! time for a different kind of assault from the Dirty Army!

You comb forward when you start losing your hair, not up.- nik