The Girl Who Loves To Suck It In The Car

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The girl who loves to suck it in the car

The girl who loves to suck it in the car

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This chick Bria is kinda fat but cute. Bria is an 18YEAR OLD TRAMP BOY FRIEND OR NOT SUCKED MY D*CK AND MY BEST FRIENDS D*CK IN THE SAME DAY, IN THE SAME CAR. We were not even drinking or anything! I heard she is famous for giving blowjobs in the back seat of any car she can find close to using for this purpose. I am not sure if blowjobs are her favorite thing to do but it really seems like it if you think about it or talk to people around Elk Grove. It was right after new years and right after a party she was with me giving me the BJ , then I get home and hear from buddy on Facebook that he had the same done to him IN THE SAME CAR like 1/2 hour later. She is about as nasty as they cum! I heard she first did this to her daddys friend when she needed $10 bucks for some reason or other. Wow Nik, Elk Grove is booming with these girlz -what todo?

I like how she tried to just completely Photoshop her entire nose off.- nik

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