The Goose From Wichita

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'The Goose'

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Andrew ‘Goose’, this guy thinks he runs the whole city of Wichita. He claims to have big as* parties and even calls them “Gooseapoloozas” This guy is the biggest f*g, he gets really drunk and starts running around with no shirt on at his parties. He will have keggers and charge $5 a cup, stay sober, and in turn call the cops so the party gets busted and then pockets all the money. He thinks his sh*t doesn’t stink, because he is some ‘big time’ model. He will f*ck anything that walks, and is honestly just a walking STD. This guy needs a reality check from the Dirty Army.

That glow stick is probably full of some form of sedative that knocks females out.- nik 


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