The Goron Family

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Well nik this entire family is a mess but lets start off with the trainwreck that started it all KEllY the mother. this grown women is a whore! she wears too much makeup to cover up her nastyness but tries to dress like a little girl also. She makes out with underage boys and any man all her kids proboably have differant fathers but they all have fetal alchole syndrome, if i looked like that i would drink all the time too. But why any man would want to touch her is unknown. SHe is a horrible mother she gets drugs for or off her kids and even does them with them. She has a dog grooming buisness that goes by the name of the groomery and really it should be shut down. i feel bad for the people who go there and put their poor anamials through tourture. She not only says shes a doctor but has no proof of schooling for 8 years. she simply has nothing. She is always fcked up on alchole, cocaine, weed and what ever else her grubby drug hands can get ahold of. she will groom your pets while intoxicated. why would she care? she drank while pregnant with the second trainwreck LUCKY. this girl has fetal alchole syndrome just look at those eyes. who knows who her dad is. this girl is clearly the deffinition of trash. She thinks she is the hottest thing around but her clothes are always to tight and everyone can see her muffin top being squeezed out of her pants. Her hair looks like a rats nest. she about has had 2 abortions now because she cheats on all her boyfriends and they think its their baby but it is not and that is why she gets the abortions. not only that but she would have been a horrible mother anyways seeing how her and herion addict boyfriend shoot up atleast 9 times a day and probably have given over 5 drds to different guys including my now ex. i would stay clear from this mess or your life will be ruined. she thinks shes so hard and bad but really shes just a sloptart.Oh and everybody stay clear of the Butler hospital where she has recently got a job as housekeeping nothing will be clean so make sure to choose another hospital. Now the third trainwreck goes by MICKEY. He is a dope head and has the drds and he is passing them out to every poor girl who he comes in contact with. this poor mess thinks he is a big time drug dealer but really just sucks at everything he does. Someone really needs to help this family out.

A face full of nothing…- nik

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