THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, can you believe that infamous cleat chaser Cindy Leos has been trying to rejoin the LA Laker girls. I guess after she was fired from her last job serving cocktails in Las Vegas, she moved to West Hollywood and got turned down by SBE entertainment (they weren’t interested in her selling herself off as a wh*re). So now she’s trying to join the same team she turned her back on several years ago. Do u think Jerry & Johnny Buss are desperate enough to hire a washed up 32 year old bottle slanger? I guess since Laker girls only make $50 a game they might be desperate enough. Or they might not be since Cindy’s always trying to add more pro athletes to her bedpost and with all the controversy ongoing with the Vanessa Curry-Kobe Bryant situation. The only way she’s gonna get this job is if she probably calls in another favor to Shaquille O’Neal’s best friend. But I’m also sure he’s tired of turning this trick by now.

Which one is she again… my guess is the gut on the right?- nik