The Lying Cheating Dead Beat Dad From The Peg

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The lying cheating dead beat dad from the peg

The lying cheating dead beat dad from the peg

The lying cheating dead beat dad from the peg

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy is Justin Guyan. He’s known around the peg by a lot of people, his so called “homies” and friends. You can see him partying at the clubs, and hes always at flea whiskey playing pool. He tries to come off as a nice guy but in reality hes nothing but a dead beat dad who says he misses his child and will do anything for his kid which is a load of bullsh*t! When he’s out at the clubs, he’ll go up to some random chick and either use these pickup lines “from the first time I saw you I had to have you” or “I thought you were looking beautiful/gorgeous so I had to come and talk to you” He’ll say your perfect, he will even say your the one just to get a night with you in bed.. His relationships haven’t latest longer then him and his bbmomma. And btw there fucking on the side even when hes in a relationship, he will say that he has never cheated on any girl that he has been with but will say that every girl has cheated on him or got with his brothers… hmm I wonder why Justin? Maybe because you excuses ain’t good enough!! He’ll hit on your friends behind your back and even text them to say anything to get laid. There’s a lot more behind him then what you really think, and ladies don’t fall for his bullshit stories and his nice guy ways, in reality hes gonna be cheating on you, lying to you and always running back to his bbmomma who is also posted up on the dirty! There’s a lot more dirt about him but I’m not gonna waste anymore time saying anything about him, ill just wait till someone else post up the dead beat sloot on here and see what they gotta say.

This guy will be rocking the mullet hard in a few years, for attention.  I decided.- nik

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