THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik On twitter he is the funny, charming, sexy masked man. In real life he is an uneducated overweight troll whom victimises women online and in real life. Though most of his time is spent hiving off of his parents, he managed to find time to visit my now ex wife whist the kids and I were out. A divorce and an abortion later she left him to continue causing physical and emotional harm to women he meets via online forums. Harassing people and making up a fantasy life from the comfort of his parents basement. This man is jobless, spineless, and has the emotional make up of a serial k**ler. Girls fall over his online imaginary persona. Well ladies, I’ve removed the mask of @Itomfoolery so you can see for yourself the true image of a man who has the online world believing he is successful and attractive. The reality you are left with is a jobless, overweight bum, whom uses his elderly parents to fund his life of luring online women into his web of deception. Tom Catling is destined to die doing what he loves…nothing.

When has anything good come from behind a mask…life isn’t like a Disney movie.- nik