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The Manipulative Cheater

The Manipulative Cheater

The Manipulative Cheater

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, have I got a story for you Nik! This girl is Sarah Jane Tabor. She is one of the worst people you would ever meet. She started off by cheating on her first bf with this kid she dated for awhile, and while she was with that kid she cheated on him with this dude Rob and then went off to college and cheated on him again without this kid knowing the wiser idk if he knows to this day.  Later in college while she was doing hardcore drugs she started dating this meth head in a sort of open relationship, where they would pretty much cheat on each other but just not say anything about it. She then led on her best friend and some other dude at the same time while she was still with that meth head. She Manipulates everyone she comes in contact with it’s pathetic to see cause shes not anything special. She doesn’t even know that when she leaves the room everyone talks sh*t about her.

Sounds like a real winner.- nik