Nik The New Tampa Scores Really sucks

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, to be totally honest and totally fair to Scores I did my homework on this place and The Tampa Scores Sucks, Bottom line is I gave them a couple chances and and nothing but, Pure disappointment. I’m sure you have heard of this well known chain of famous strip clubs but, What is going on here is the name “Scores” was leased by a few local strip club owners and trying to pass it off as the real deal, It is locally owned and locally operated which means the high quality you would expect in Vegas or NY and Miami just isn’t there. The quality of entertainers is lacking especially since it is summer and the Penthouse has the best girls anyway. Clubs and the people who know this business in Tampa survive and the people who lease names and front do not. I see Scores going the way of Shangri La by next summer if it makes it that far. There is more strip clubs per ca pita in the Tampa Bay area with around 90 in the tri county area and that just means less success for everyone.

The name Scores is like the name Playboy… dead legends with saggy balls running the joints.- nik