The Original Old School Sloot

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The Original Old Skool Sloot

The Original Old Skool Sloot

The Original Old Skool Sloot

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, her name: Christine Funk. Her game: None. This heffer has been around for a long while. She used to be centrals rowdy chick.. Even at 30 she would beat up 14 year old girls. Now that shes pretty damn near 40, she tries to be cute.. something she should of tried years ago. Your too old bitch! She has so many tattys, which look nasty. She wears clothes that are from the kid section at value village, her teeth are so yellow and f*cked up. She still goes to clubs tryna flaunt a body which is no where near sexy. Her and her friends go into the stalls in the club bathrooms, and snort pepsi off the lid of the toliet. Her man is in jail and she pretends to be faithful.. when in reality shes too ugly to get a man out of jail! Nik, please tell this dirty sk*nk your opinion. Youve heard mine… and Im sure many more comments to follow. Oh and Christine, when you read this, NO ONE cares that you need a timmies coffee and a cigarette every morning. Quit the both of them… It will be your first step at fixing them teeth!

Those are un-fixable, might as well move onto the other problems areas…she’s got a lot to chose from so it shouldn’t be hard.- nik

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