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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is tim, better known to his customers as the very attractive fish guy at petco, and his long time groupie andria. i say groupie because girlfriend/boyfriend should never be a term these 2 use for multiple reasons. the most obvious being that he spends his days at work picking up on customers and getting their phone numbers. he’ll then tell them all the same things like how beautiful they are and sexy when they send him the pictures he asks for. i know this because i was one of them. and i have recently met 2 other girls that he did the exact same thing to! i dont know her…but ive heard shes a raging bitch. he doesnt love her, from what ive gathered he doesnt even really like her but shes like a leech that just wont go away. he will never ever be faithful to her because shes a terrible lay and just ultimately not his type. i made the mistake of ending up really liking him and what does he do? start talking to his fcking stalker again. hes a fcking liar and will cheat on anyone hes with…i know this because he still texts me to this day saying he misses me and he just wants to hold me. hahaha if this bitch only knew what a fcking liar her “boyfriend” is. if i can save just one girl from his evil ways im glad i posted this.

The ‘very attractive fish guy’, says a lot about the kind of people who buy fish…that or a self post.  Too much fish to sniff out the truth.- nik

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