The POS Of El Paso

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the POS of El Paso

the POS of El Paso

the POS of El Paso

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this *sshole right here is the king of d-bags not only does he have a blacked out d-bag 3 inch lifted truck he also has a 3 inch dick to go along with it. He drives all the around TCU and El Paso campus/dt blasting his Hannah Montana and Jonas Brother dubstep sh*t thinking he is some sort of some great f*cking guy. The funny thing is… he deals drugs on the side.. (he is from a border town) and its only a matter of time til the cops search his sh*t and deport his *ss to the depths of hell where he came from. I mean dont get me wrong here is a good looking guy with a nice strong mexican face and sucked off all his connects in mexico to get where he is at today, but i mean this women beater should be put on blast espcially here in El Paso,TX where he gets his real rep. Nik put this low grade, POS, mexican drug c*cksucker on blast. The dirty needs to invade El Paso,TX.

Why’s that one guy got a shirt on…did he pop a bone.- nik

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