THE REAL – CNN Commentator Angela Rye on Donald Trump and “Fake News”

THE REAL – CNN Commentator Angela Rye on Donald Trump and “Fake News”

Everyone at CNN is taking major offense to President-Elect Donald Trump’s claim that CNN is “fake news”. Emmy nominated talk show THE REAL – on Fox Television Stations and the cable network BET – had CNN commentator Angela Rye as co-host with the women of the show. Angela lets loose with her unrestrained opinion on President-Elect Donald Trump’s press conference.

Jeannie Mai: “Angela, you happen to work for CNN, what do you take of this comment regarding CNN being “fake news”?”

Angela Rye: “So I think that Donald Trump’s entire Twitter account is fake news.” She continues, “Um I don’t think that uh we should take his words too seriously. We should take them with a grain of salt. He has bullied reporters through out. We’ve seen him bully people from the moment he slid down that escalator. I shouldn’t say slid down. Because he glided down. He didn’t fall… although… Anyway, but um [Laughs.] I just think we’ve seen him do this kind of through out and there’s no surprises here. Donald Trump does not like news where it is bad for him, right? Anything is fake, if he doesn’t like it.”

Looks like the war with CNN is going to get crazy. Check out THE REAL’s ratings gold episode with Angela Rye airs on Monday, January 16 (check local listings).

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