The Real Dirty From Earls Polo

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The real dirty's from Earls Polo

The real dirty's from Earls Polo

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Kaley and Courtney might be dirty but to be honest the two that take the cake for being the dirtiest at Earls Polo are these two DRD sloppy girls. The first girl is Nikki Warbanski aka Wh*rebanski, She has slept with half of Winnipeg last i heard she was being passed around by the bombers and jet players like a flu, then a few of them got the clap from her and decided to stop touching her, The 2nd girl is Kayla Denomme aka Disease , This girl has slept with even more guys then Whorebanski possibly double the guys, Seriously if ur a man in Winnipeg and have not had a piece of that meat then ill be surprised. Ive heard of a few guys that have ran trains on this broad. She has banged half of her Customers and has slept with a few people for some money under the table trade. Both these girls are pure dirt.. It’s so sad how many dirty girls work at Earls Polo and Earls in general!! Just cause ur a Server doesn’t mean you have open ur legs for everyone. Both you girls have stinky vijay’s, I had you both and lets say you both must take lessons from the other cause you both suck in bed!!

Whats the point of cleat chasing in Canada, do those guys even make 6 figures?- nik

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