The Tiff Bannister Controversy

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Tiff Bannister controversy

Tiff Bannister controversy

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, just to make this clear, I’m really not sure if I should be doing this. But my friends assured me that my identity would be considered anonymous, so here it is. A short while ago, some chick named “Tiffany Bannister” added me on Facebook and since I didn’t know who she was I had to check out her profile to make sure it was a real person. It turns out that not only was she a real person, but she had an unreal amount of friends/subscribers. She had over 5,000 subscribers and had the nerve to complain the other day about how much she had. I had to bring this up because the people in my area constantly talk about this and I just wanted to bring it to everyone’s attention just in case they are wondering who this girl is. When someone told me that she was a “big deal”, I looked at some of her pictures. She gets thousands upon thousands of likes on her pictures and I frankly don’t know why. Yes she has a nice body. NO she is not that pretty. Not only is this chick a wh*re, but she is clearly stupid. She always talks about how people think she is a wh*re because they are jealous and makes posts telling people that she is not a wh*re and they have it all wrong. That wouldn’t be quite so bad if she actually had pictures online of her in REAL CLOTHING instead of bathing suits. Also, she for some reason says (for example) “lms and I’ll call you” or “who wants to hang out with me?” I call That being an attention wh*re. You know that over 1000 people like all of your lame statuses because they want to get in your pants. I promise you, she could make a status saying something stupid like “sheep” or “paper plate” and over 1000 people would like her status. The fact that strange men like her status isn’t her fault, but her posting half-naked photos of herself when she clearly knows that she is going to get talked about negatively because of that IS HER FAULT (and I’m not the only one to talk about her because of this, trust me). If you are friends with this chick on facebook or you know someone who is, give them this URL.

Sorry, but I cut out the URL. I refuse to promote ugly. Without her chest and Facebook she is irrelevant.- nik

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