The Troll Under The Bridge

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the balding troll under the bridge

the balding troll under the bridge

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, let me introduce you to Alicia Unger, one of the dirtiest and i mean DIRTAAAYYY sloots in Winnipeg, more specifically known as the Charleswood Chewbacca. Her hobbies include stealing young high school boys V-Cards and d*king out. For the short time I knew her she would d*ke out in the back of my car with some of her close friends, and had no problem taking part in threesomes and giving blumpkins during random house parties she wasnt invited to. She asks other girls’s boyfriends to join her and her friends in a threesome. Too bad most boys are aware of her roast beef v*gina and saggy orangatang t*ts and avoid the the sh*t outta that wizard sleeve b*tch. She thinks shes “hood” but the only hood thing about her is her ghetto homemade bleach job. Beware underage boys: she now parades around as brunette.

She should really get some bangs to distract form her nose and seven head.- nik

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