The Truth About AfroJack – Nick van de Wall

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, ok as a club promoter myself I know we don’t have the best reputations. We are looked down upon by club owners and DJ’s. I have had the pleasure of being sh*tted on by Nick van de Wall who goes by AfroJack. I have read some things in the comments about him on and I just want to clarify a couple things. One of the perks of my job is having sex with the hottest women in Vegas because they have to f*ck me to get to the DJ’s and the DJ’s like AfroJack have to kiss the club owners ass because that is who pay their bills. Well I had the pleasure of going to dinner with one of the major club owners in Vegas who I shall not name because everyone knows him. He told me that Nick/AfroJoke lies to everyone about owning a private jet and he really just paid $3,000 to have his sticker placed on a plane like leasing advertising space to make himself look bigger than what he was (100K Millionaire status). It worked on Paris and many other girls. He also told me in confidence that the real reason he left his pregnant girlfriend for Paris Hilton was because the was sleeping with another dutch DJ by the name of Chuckie. Having an affair with Chuckie the entire time they were together so AfroJack didn’t want to claim the child because he didn’t know if it was his. The crazy part was AfroJack loved this girl and wanted to marry her. I don’t know her name but I heard she is famous in Amsterdam. I hope this clears up the rumors and confusion. The guys stock is falling hard Nik and yes he bang b*tches with his shirt on.

Let me guess, you work for Surrender?- nik

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