The Weird Looking Barbie

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Weird looking barbie

Weird looking barbie

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, WHY in the world does Jew Barbie turn completely side ways in all of her photos!? She looks constipated first of all and I think she thinks sticking her arms out like that makes her looks skinny. Also, why does she have what appears to be huge boobs straight on, but from the side it looks like A cups? Is it just me, or does she have such a weird body. Don’t get me wrong, cute girl… but hot mess and has no idea how to dress. The hair kills me too. It honestly has to be a wig! Someone please tell her how horrible it looks. You can be blonde, but her hair looks dead, and her bangs look hacked. What do you think of her?

FYI- Scooby Snack is at war with Blonde Snooki. They are not friends at the moment because SS wasn’t being allowed into Las Vegas nightclubs with Blonde Snooki (I wonder why?).- nik

[IMAGE:  SpyOnVegas]

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