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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I am the soon to be divorced EX husband of DiAnna “Sienna Milano” Petrucci. I felt compelled to write to The Dirty because of recent statements made on this site by someone identifying themselves as my soon to be EX. I have never said a malicious thing about her on this site or anywhere else. This despite the posts listed here and the hundreds and e-mails and texts from her with a barrage of insults. I can deal with her and will not get into a pissing contest with her. What I won’t do is to allow her to talk sh*t about my step-son who has no enemies and is a bright young man with a great future something that can not be said for some people. To set the record straight I do want the Audi back but not for the reasons stated. She has no Driver’s License, no insurance, and has outstanding warrants. I have all the liability if something happens. I asked her to take over payments after she ran out and moved to Las Vegas. She is back and I will get the car and she will probably go to jail which I did not want. I wish her no ill will but the trash talk has got to stop. Nik you have a fun informative site sometimes to informative but you’re fair. I hope I don’t have to write back. By the way I was never a porn star (I wish), I am a sports handicapper and finally all those rumors are true I am living with one young girl and do date a number of girls in the adult industry. Whether it’s the blue pills, my personality, bullsh*t or they just want to drink the kool-aide. I say why shouldn’t  I you only live once. Finally I have a reality show, websites, movie all in the works and none of it would of happened without Sienna Milano.

Sienna, why is there a weird lump in your implant? Also, Grandpa lets grab a drink… you sound cool to me.- nik

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