Theodore Mitchell

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Theodore, aka Ted or Teddy. The biggest loser in existence. He’s almost 20, still lives at home because he can’t keep a job because no one likes him because he’s a complete piece of shit and waste of space. It’s only April and he’s already had about 4 jobs and been fired from them all. He steals from his friends, is a chronic liar. Whines about his life 24/7 says everyone hates him but doesn’t know why, says everyone in St A and Edmonton has screwed him over. He’s so ghetto he shares a bedroom with another dude, spends all his money on weed and MDMA, meets girls on POF dates them and gives them a sob story about how hard his life is and that his friends fck him over and so have his ex girlfriends and claims his ex stole his vehicle, doesn’t own one either, claims to only date “whores” tells girls he has a “low sperm count” and won’t get them pregnant, , cheats, dates girls for exactly one month, dumps them via text message and complains to “not be emotionally ready for a relationship”, says he’s only slept with one girl in his life and claims to not like sex because his ex screwed him over, talks shift about his friends and complains his friend Jordan is a piss poor dad yet recently got some girl pregnant and threatened her if she told anyone and threatened her if she didn’t have an abortion. And wanna know the cherry on top? He raped his six year old cousin and has charges for that as well as many others. Talk about sick. If you ever see this prick on pof and do yourself a favor and stay away. Hes a complete loser and bad news.

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