THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, these girls need a reality check on what “bad b*tch” really means. I went to Spearmint Rhino this past weekend and the Indian looking one, calls herself “Rain” but has some whack ass name like Nitoocha, at the strip club said she’d blow me for $100! That’s a cheap blow job.. but it doesn’t take a smart guy to tell that that girl is disgusting and so are her little prostitute friends. The other one (the fat one) Angela, offered to have a three some with my friend for a Tiffanys necklace. WOW! Talk about classy. And the final of the three, Renee, is a joke. Her boyfriend does steroids and posts 1982182 pictures a day about how sexy she looks which is far from true. These girls are all straight up prostitutes in Dallas and they all have a tattoo that reads “DLB” aka: dirty little bitch.

Aren’t they a little too old to be in the strip game?- nik