Thinks He’s God’s Gift To Women

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Thinks hes Gods gift to women

Thinks hes Gods gift to women

Thinks hes Gods gift to women

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy thinks that he can have any women he wants and will do anything he can. He doesn’t care who’s watching or who he hurts in the process. He has said that boyfriends are no obstacle for him and that he can get any women he wants. He lies and backstabs to get what he wants. He is a giant man wh*re and a womanizer. He thinks hes the smoothest talker and the best at everything. He is cocky and arrogant. Gets what he wants from women and tosses them to the curb… on the the next one. Doesn’t give a shi* about who he hurts and how his actions makes others feel. Treats women like they are a piece of meat and an object.

Boyfriends are a turn-on for him, I’m getting a lot of forgy vibes.- nik

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