Thinks She’s Hot

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She thinks she is Hotter then HOT!!

She thinks she is Hotter then HOT!!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet another Sally from the Valley…Seems like there are a few Slooty Sally’s in Utah!! Well this is Sally Knowles from the Valley and works in Ogden.She is soo conceited.She thinks she is all that and more!! She has Nothing going for her!! She went to 2 different colleges but dropped out, and now a trade school.She had a daughter she gave up for adoption and she is proud of it! Shouldn’t have gotten knocked up slooty b*tch. She walks around talkin about how she hates kids!! I think she became so conceited because she is a spoiled brat and money must be buying her friends.She should spend it on a nose job!! She loves to brag about her daddy getting her drug dealer boyfriend off of his drug charges after he was caught smuggling from Cali and dealing in UT (He only served 1 month, and now is on work release). She is also adopted, probably why she had no problem giving her baby up too. She loves being a B*TCH and she is proud of it!! She thinks her actions are excused because she warns people that she is a b*tch first. She is an alcoholic and crackhead who blames her addiction on her biological parents. “Its in my genes” I think when they say Gemini’s are 2 faced it must be true.Because she is a 2 faced B*TCH!! You never know when she will be nice or a B*TCH for the day!! She is not worth anyone’s time because she will just try to use you and abuse you!

Her nose job money will go to a DUI…just saying.- nik

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